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If you want to contact me about any aspects of this web site or if you have information about Peter Hartas, please contact me using the link below.

I'm not an expert on the Battle of Britain or a historian, so please do not ask me to help with your own research, the chances are that I would not be able to help you. Suggestions about how to research this historical era are on the Research page.

The links on the Links page may also help you with your research more readily than I can.

Several comments have been passed to me concerning the content of the book. My aim is to transcribe as accurately as possible the book. This includes the quotation in the inner front cover. I'm told that this differs from the original poem, but the version on the web site reflects the version used in the book.

So, I'll gladly correct my transcription errors, but ask that the original content is accepted as such.

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